Dabz Personal Vaporizer Review

The Best Vape Pen on The Market

If you’re just getting into vaping and are looking for a starter pen, or just want a better one, try the Dabz. The Dabz personal vaporizer is probably the best pen we’ve tested. Its a relatively new pen from the Bay Area that’s now available online to everyone. Its a solid pen for any one who uses wax, juice, or dry herbs. Its available online here.

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The Dabz Pen in Yellow

The Pen:

The Dabz pen is one of the only pens to have multiple voltages. Depending on the number of times you hit the jewel (yes its a jewel that fires the pen), you get different voltages, 3.7, 3.9, 4.1 and so on. This gives you total burn control no matter what attachment you’re using, even if you’re using an attachment from another company.

Plus the Dabz pen charges really quickly, maybe 30-40 minutes, not 4 hours like other pens.

The Attachments:

Dry Herbs Attachment Vape pen

With Dry Herbs Attachment

We use both the clearomizer and the dry herbs attachment as well as the standard coil attachment.

The standard coil in the Dabz Vaporizer is solid, and unlike other pens has a metal mouth piece so you don’t get a plastic taste. The coil that comes with the pen gives you hits that are as good better than any other pen we’ve tried.

The dry herbs attachment works well and has a cool little coil that keeps everything packed so you don’t have to keep packing down the chamber. Multiple people have tried our dry herbs attachment and gone out and gotten one for themselves.

The clear tank atomizer attachment (or clearomizer) burns well and allows for massive clean hits. Plus you can get any color so it will match the rest of your pen. This is probably the best clearomizer for juice on the market today.

Everything Else:

The standard dabz pen kit comes with a wall charger with a little indicator lite to let you know when its charged. Its USB format so you can charge it in your car or from a laptop too. It also comes with a 90 day warranty, although we’ve had ours for nearly a year and it still hits great, and all the attachments work like they’re brand new.

The Dabz Personal Vaporizer comes with a carrying case, and a few tools for people who use wax or dabs.

Plus the Dabz Vaporizer uses 5-10 threads – meaning that if you ever decide to buy fancy custom attachments you know they’ll work with this pen. Other pens like the atmos raw or g-pen have their own threads so you can’t screw in new parts on your own.


The Dabz Vape Pen is far and away the best pen we’ve used. Its a great starter kit but with all of the excellent attachments its really the only pen you’ll need.

You can by the Dabz pen online DabzPV.com

dabz pv

trying to show the cool light up jewel


Notice:  We do not recommend you bring this item to Burning Man unless you exclusively use it for tobacco products. Keeping Burning Man safe, drug free, and compliant with all rules, laws, and cultural values is important. Stay Safe.